Forces and Structure

 force changes or tries to change the shape or movement of a body.

A force can cause a body  to accelerate. The actual acceleration of the body depends on the sum of all forces acting on it. Every force acts in a particular direction.

Forces are measured in newtons.

Example:A heavy object on a table is pulled down toward the floor by the force of gravity (i.e., its weight), but it doesn┤t move because there is a equal force pushing up

1║ Compression. A pushing force that tries to shorten a structural element
2║ Tension. A pulling forces that tries to make a  structural element longer
3║ Torsion. Forces that cause twisting
4║ Shear. Sliding forces that act in opposite directions
Bending is a action caused by a perpendicular force. A structural element subjected to bending is known as a beam.


Exercice 1║. Which type of force  appears in:

The Tower: ........................

a Hanger........................

The deck ............................









2║ Which type of force appear in:

a) a scissors

b) a tree trunk

c) a drill bit

d) a door handle

e) a well rope


3║ Let┤s go to learn a bit more about forces. We will visit the bbc web page about Pushing and Pulling forces.  

Push and Pull


Sliding: to move along in continuous contact with a smooth  surface

drill bit are cutting tools used to create cylindrical holes. Bits are held in a tool called a drill, which rotates them and provides axial force to create the hole

Door handle A doorhandle is the device mounted on the exterior and interior of automobile doors for the purpose of opening them