Pc exercises

Pc  exercises



Questions about Computers

1.the function of computers is …

2.How many types of computer do you know?

3.Where are the programs stored ?

4.Example of an exit peripherals

5.Example of an input peripherals

6.Definition of hardware and software

7.What are the functions of RAM

8.The chipset chip is an electronic component whose job is ……

9.How does the BIOS work?

10.What’s the most important ports to have on a computer?

11.What is a driver?

12.What does Plug and Play mean for a computer accessory?

13.Characteristics of the monitor

14.Dot pitch. What does the salesperson mean when he says I need a monitor with a .28 dot pitch or better?

15.What is a graphics card and what does it do?

16.How does optical mouse work?

17.The quality of a printer depends on: …

18.What t is a CCD?. Where can we find one?

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