Electricity bill

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Before we see how much electricity costs in ours homes, we have to understand how it's measured.

What the heck is a kilowatt hour?

1 Watts

The rate of electrical use at any moment is measured in watts. For example, a 60-watt light bulb uses 60 watts or a air conditioner uses about 3400 watts

2 Watt-hours

To know how much energy you're using you have to calculate how long you run your appliances. For example, when you run a 100-watt appliance for an hour, you have:

100 watts * 1 hour = 100 watt-hour or 0,1 kw-hour

Example 2

seven 100-watt light bulbs on for two hours, is 1,4 kWh (7 bulbs x 100W x 2h= 1400Wh = 1,4 kWh)

Example 3

Running a 3400-watt air conditioner during 3 hours is 10.2 kWh.


3How much does electricity cost


The cost of electricity depends on  how much you use, and possibly when you use it ( day or night).

Fixed charges that you pay every month no matter how much electricity you use.

An electric meter  is a device that measures the amount of electrical energy supplied to a residence . The electricity company rents  you a meter in order to measure the electricity used in your home. It is about 57 cents per month


just for the privilege of being a consumer of electricity, no matter how much electrical energy i use, i have to pay for about 6 euros per month. this money is for the  maintenance of all cables,  pylons,  electrical transformers, etc.



Electrical Power of Electrical Appliances  



Iron 1200 w
hifi  200 w
air conditioner 3400 w
toaster 700w
oven 2500w
hair straighteners 450w
inmersion heater 1200w
kettle 2500w
extractor fans 250 w
fans 100 w
microwave 900 w
electric heater 1200 w
Washing machine 800 w
Dish washer 2200 w
Fridge 400 w
freezer 600 w
Coffee machine 800 w
liquidizer 250 w
Bulb 60 w
Fluorescent Bulb 15 w
Television 70 w
hair dryer 800 w
computer 100 w
radio 25 w
DVD player 45 w
electric dryers 2200 w

We need to know a bit about the Spreadsheet.

A Spreadsheet software is used to store information in columns and rows which can then be used to get some information. Spreadsheets are designed to work  with numbers and text.

The best way to learn its to practice, so go to Open Office. Now, with all this information, open  spreadsheet and calculate your

Electricity Bill