Technology! making your life easier..

Posted on October 20th, 2008 by Jc parejo

Hommer simsonWhat is Technology. It is useful.   Where is  Technology and can we live without it?

Do you want the answer?. Nothing  easier. Turn of the electricity and water supply, disconnect the telephone and throw away your mobile  and wait for  just 30 minutes

How do you feel?

On the right, Hommer Simpson doing the challenge, … after 2 minutes .

2º ESO Index:

materials and wood
Materials and wood    Metals ( 2º eso technology ) 2. Metals  Structures ( 2º eso technology )3º Structures  electricity 4º Electricity  cal 5.- Computers


3º ESO Index:

plastics1. Plastics materials2. Building Materials  mechanism3.  Mechanism  electricity 4.- Electricity solar energy5.- Energy  computer graphics6.Computer graphics cal7.- Spreadsheet networks8 – Networks php and mysql9.- Internet and programs


Theme  Thermal Helicopter.   

Theme Bridge . Lifting bridge using wood, electricity, motor, led …


logo extremaduraLas  unidades de 3º de la ESO  has sido realizadas gracias a la licencia Otorgada a Juan Carlos Parejo Reja por parte de la Dirección General de personal docente de la Junta de Extremadura.