Material test 1

Test about Materials


Questions about Materials

1º How can you turn the water back to ice?. Does ice take up a bigger or smaller volume than water?.

2º Optical properties. Definitions and examples.

3º What is a Biodegradable material?

4º What happens if you heat the steam bellow 100 ºC.

5º A Material that lets water through is called …………………

6º Fill the gap. A _______ is a waterproof material very strong that doesn’t allow light past through it and is not flexible.

7º Can you name a rock that floats on the water

8 Why is electrical wiring usually covered with a layer of plastic?
vistas pieza9º Draw the Top view, Side view and Front view of the next figure

10. What is a plywood. How is it made and properties

11º What is an artificial material. Examples

12º People have used wood for many purposes such as: ……..

13º Properties of Iron and wool.

14ºWhat would be a good rock to tile a roof with and why?

15º Define Ductility, Electrical and thermal conductivity and Malleability

16º Define Hardness and Density

17º Metallic bond

18º Classification of metals according to their density. Examples

19º What percentage of carbon is in steel. Properties and example of applications

20º Siderurgic processes. Fill up the gaps using these words:

– waste materials , chemical reaction, carbon , elements, Hot air, iron, molten, steel industry, carbon content, out of the bottom, of the bottom, into the bottom

________ is introduced into the lower part.
When the materials descend a __________ takes place. The ______ separates from the which were contained in the original mineral.
The _________ stay at the top and the______ metal comes __________ (iron +____ + impurities).
The molten metal is directed towards the ________ to adjust the _______.
21º What is a screwdriver?

22º What is a Files ?

23º Stamping Treatment.

24º Tin. It is a metal or a alloy?. Feature and applications.

25º  Cast iron and steel -> Production->The Blast Furnace.  Choose the correct words for each question

a) The mineral in which there is a mixture of  rock and iron oxide  and rock is called

a1 ->  Bauxite

a2 -> Ore

a3-> cast iron

a4 -> Stainless Steel

b) Hot air is introduced ……

b1) With the ore and the gangue

b2) into the high part

b3) To obtain the  no ferrous minerals

b4)  into the lower part.

c) The element which burns with air is

c1) -> Oxygen

c2) -> Iron

c3 ) -> Carbon

c4 ->  CaCO3

d) In the blast furnace the iron is separated from the oxygen, transforming the _______ into pure iron

d1) Iron oxide

d2-> Ore

d3) -> gangue

d4 -> iron mineral

26 ) Bronze is an ______ of about 90 % ______ and about 10% ______

27)  ____ is very resistant to corrosion and this property makes it suitable for coating other metals, such as cans.

28 )  ___ melts only at 232 ºC, so it is used for welding copper elements.

29 )  Complete the paragraph by choosing words from the list given. You can choose the same word several times.

The first metal to be used was ____. Some rocks with _____ minerals were probably next to a fire. The fire made the _____ melt and drip from mineral, forming a pool on the ground.
Later came ____. This probably was also found accidentally. Minerals containing _____ also often contain ___, so as both metals dripped from the minerals they mixed.
And finally _____. When we melt ______ using a wood fire, a bit of _____ mixes with the molten ____ and the result is _____.
In ancient times, miners found metals only in small amounts (especially silver and gold) so they were very valuable.

Words: Tin , Bronze,  Iron ( 3times ),  copper ( 4 times ), Carbon, Steel


water drop

Drip: The formation and falling of drops of liquid. Example of expression  ->

“there’s a drip through the roof”