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Php Delete

Php Listing Modify Delete     Deleting a record in a Mysql database.   The object we wished to sell has been sold and it’s time to delete the announcement so that people stop calling us. To do this we have to undertake three tasks. 1st Delete the record from the database 2nd Delete the […]

php Modify

Php Listing Modify Delete     Making changes to data in Mysql. Posted on June  14th, 2009 by Technology Department  We’ve already put out mobile phone number in the announcement but we haven’t heard anything. None has rung and none has sent an email. Perhaps it’s too expensive? I have to lower the price. We’ll […]

php Listing

Php Listing Modify Delete     The presentation of lists with the results of the adverts. Posted on June  14th, 2009 by Technology Department  It’s now time to show the results of the announcement placed by our students and by users in general. Let’s suppose that we want to show a list of all the […]


Php Listing Modify Delete     Internet, webmail, website and Php y Mysql.   Webmail: Webmail ( Web-based e-mail)  such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or  Hotmail,  is an e-mail service intended to be primarily accessed via a web browser. A major advantage of web-based e-mail over application-based e-mail is that a user has the ability […]

Types of Internet Connections

Networks Tcp-Ip DNS Internet Conections     Types of Internet Connections.   As technology grows, so does our need for things to go faster. Ten years ago, websites just included images, coloured text and some repetitive melodies. Now Flash websites, animations, high resolution photos, online gaming, videos or streaming ( radio on the internet ), […]


Networks Tcp-Ip DNS Internet Conections     DNS and Data Security.   A big problem with the Internet is that data is transmitted using telephone technology, which means unauthorised users can intercept the data relatively easily. Which is a bit of a pain, really. On-Line Shopping uses Encryption Software 1) On-line shopping or e-commerce has […]

TCP/IP Protocol

Networks Tcp-Ip DNS Internet Conections     TCP/IP Protocol .   Internet basics. Divide and win. That is the philosophy of the internet. If you need to send some information from one place in the world to another one far away, what is the best way? If you send all information along just one path, […]


Networks Tcp-Ip DNS Internet Conections  Networks.   Internet basics. The internet, is known and loved by everyone ( except those who are still waiting for something to download!) and it is the biggest growth area in Technology at the moment. The Internet is an international Network of Computers The Internet is basically a very big […]

Calc The spreadsheet of Openoffice

Calc. The spreadsheet of Openoffice   The spreadsheet component of OpenOffice is called Calc. With this program you can enter numerical data and then run the program to produce certain results, for example, you can calculate how much you spend on your mobile in a month if you have the data: The number of calls, […]


Computer Grafics Gimp Inkscape   Inkscape. Vectorial graphics program   This is the other big graphics program using mathematical formulas. The first example is to create a toothed wheel or gear to make a simple mechanical transmission. Let’s star with a small manual 1st Path Operations There are a number of commands which we can use to […]