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Mechanism Gears Steam engine 4 Stroke engine Turbojet Exercices  Gears,   Gears or toothed wheels are type drives which are used to transmit motion between two shafts or a shaft and a component having linear motion, by the meshing of two or more gears. The ratio of the rotational speeds of two meshed gears is […]

Materials Exercises

Materials Building Structure Forces Types Exercices   Materials Exercises   1º The function of slates is to prevent water from penetrating the roof of houses. They are principally made of clay and they are cooked at a high temperature. What is the name of one of the components which facilitates the smelting? a. Thermo-sand b. […]

Construction Materials

Materials Building Structure Forces Types Exercices   Construction Materials. Ceramics, Glass and reinforced concrete Posted on December  14th, 2009 by Technology Department   Ceramics: All types of bricks used in construction are ceramic materials that are modelled and dried by the action of heat. The most important components of bricks are traditional clays. Clay is a […]

Structural Forces

Materials Building Structure Forces Types Exercices     Structural Forces    The different parts of a structure are either in compression or in tension, or both. A steel cable one centimetre in diameter can support up to 9,000 kg or what is nearly the same, the weight of two  Indian elephants!. In construction, stone is not […]

Building Structure

Materials Building Structure Forces Types Exercices   Materials. Introduction     Structureis comprised of pillars, beams and tie-beams made of reinforced concrete or iron. The structural system of every house is required to support and transmit various loads. These Loads can be classed as static or dynamic. In houses, the structural and enclosure systems ( […]

Building Materials

Materials Building Structure Forces Types Exercices   Building Materials.   The illustration shown on the right represents the essential  elements of a modern Building. Parts: Foundations: This is a structure ( made, mainly, of cement, iron and  gravel ) that transfers loads to the earth. The primary design concerns are settlement and bearing capacity Structure: […]


Materials Building Structure Forces Types Exercices   Materials. Introduction   Millions of years ago, man used to manage simples materials, such as wood, to make unsophisticated tools or constructions Nowadays, man has invented new materials which can be used in many different situations, even in our own bodies ( See illustration on the right where […]

Pc exercises

Computers Drivers     Computers    Exercises Pc  exercises   Computer Questions about Computers 1.the function of computers is … 2.How many types of computer do you know? 3.Where are the programs stored ? 4.Example of an exit peripherals 5.Example of an input peripherals 6.Definition of hardware and software 7.What are the functions of RAM […]


Computers Drivers     Computers    Exercises The Mouse     The mouse is a pointing device generally made of plastic. It is used by one of the hands of the computer user and it detects this hand’s movement in two dimensions on the level surface the mouse is on. This movement is then reflected […]

electricity exercises

Electricity exercises   Read and complete: Voltage and current A battery is a source of electrical energy – it provides the ‘pressure’ which causes electricity to flow. We measure this electrical pressure in volts, V. The higher the voltage, the greater the pressure. The flow of electricity is called current and is measured in amps, […]